Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. In my shop you can find everything from prints to original art pieces and customized artwork options.

Since the early years in kindergarten and my first art courses around this time I was passionate about painting and creating. When I reached the age to think about my future career I knew that I wanted to push my abilities and creativity to the next level. So I decided to study fashion.

During my fashion education I continuously improved my skills in sketching and visualizing my ideas on paper. 

Besides graduating in fashion and being a former fashion designer, I'm lucky to have the opportunity to express myself as a Freelance Artist and Illustrator.

My debut "Moon Collection" emphasizes my passion for color combinations and textures and do remind of astrological objects. Apart from a deeper meaning or message this art is more about expressing a certain mood and being led by color instinct while creating. All the moon paintings are made of a handpainted base combined with graphic design elements, which I use to finish form or color.

My Linework Collection is mostly based on simple abstract lines which are inspired by strong portrait photographies. Some of the lineworks are created of one continuous line, some of them consist of several merged lines. With the portraits I try to visualize strong moods and emotions of people. Playing with lines as mirroring or putting them together in a certain composition is a big part in the process.                                                                                      
My newest collection is a development of my first collections, where my passion for colors and minimalist lines come together.
Being always fascinated by the diversity of people and their bodies, this series is focused especially on women and the female body. Growing up with media and getting confronted with the permanent presence of female discrimination and sexualization, gender equality got an important topic in my mind. Being half German and half Persian, I was recognizing soon differences between men and women in both societies.Taking advantage of women's' physical weakness, woman are being suppressed physically as well as mentally. With this superiority of "male strength" there are still big influences on a woman’s life. How the women is seen in society, how her body is seen, what she’s allowed to do with her body. It's decided by a men leading society.
The Ecstatic Nudes visualize the future women, celebrating freedom and the full control of their mind and body.