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Since the early years in kindergarten and my first art courses around this time I was passionate about painting and creating. When I reached the age to think about my future career I knew that I wanted to push my abilities and creativity to the next level. So I decided to study fashion.During my fashion education I continuously improved my skills in sketching and visualizing my ideas on paper. Besides graduating in fashion and being a former fashion designer, I'm lucky to have the opportunity to express myself as a Freelance Artist and Illustrator. 

Moving from the west of Germany to Berlin, I'm now working as a multidisciplinary artist. My work mainly consists of acrylic paintings as well as clay sculptures. Having my own way of perceiving my environment in a pretty sensitive way, I especially like to observe the complex web of interpersonal relationships but also like to spar with self reflection.

Getting confronted with the permanent presence of female discrimination and sexualization, gender equality got an important topic to me. Being half german and half persian was emphasizing the critical view on the gender role distribution and the big differences between women and men in the eastern and also western society. Taking advantage of womens' physical weakness, women are being suppressed physically as well as mentally. This male superiority has still a big influence on a woman’s life. How a woman is seen in society, how her body is seen and what she’s allowed to do with it.

In the ECSTATIC series I'm channeling my thoughts and experiences into bright and colorful paintings by picturing the vision of the female read human being celebrating the full control of her mind, body and soul. Visualizing women in various abstract shapes and compositions, I want to point out solidarity, strength and appreciation among and towards women. This series is a never ending series and will be painted till every single female read person is treated equally and with love and respect.

Creating a painting I like to mainly work with organic and round shapes, representing feminity and naturalness. My work is characterized by clear lines and shapes, with which I want to bring order on the canvas and distance from the chaos in my mind. With the mostly bright and lively colors, I want to symbolize confidence and strength and build a contrast to the heavy topic.

I'm continuously trying to evolve my creativity and find a way to express my current mindset. In my newest series called MIND CHATTER I'm keeping elements of the Ecstatic N series, visualizing sensitivity and the different  feelings caused by it. Each painting is representing one mindset that is or was accompanying my life.The series is my way todeal with and analyse the negative and positive aspects high sensitivity can cause.